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Create Beijing’s fresh supermarket security transmission solution

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Project Name: Beijing’s fresh supermarket security transmission solution

Project requirements

      Fresh supermarket chains need to set up a complete solution to complete the transmission task of the monitoring system.

         a This is a network HD monitoring system, the transmission system needs to meet the real-time stable transmission of multi-channel HD camera video stream.
         b Need full control from all angles.
         c The system needs to be easy to maintain and manage, and the monitoring personnel can keep track of the running status of the system through a simple interface.

      Shenzhen Fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd. provides product and solution support for this project.

Schematic diagram (topology diagram)

Solution description

      The entire network is connected to the Internet by the WAN port of the egress router. The NS1024G switch is connected to the LAN port of the router, and the camera is connected to complete the data transmission. Ensure smooth, stable, and fast video transmission.


     According to the customer's needs, the monitoring will be covered to every corner of the supermarket to achieve full monitoring coverage without dead angle.

       Fengrunda product type and product model                     

       Full Gigabit Ethernet switch: NS1024G

Solution characteristics



a Fengrunda switch provides stable and efficient data transmission for HD cameras connected to the network
b Front-end connected multi-channel camera, multi-channel convergence, efficient all-weather monitoring around the clock.
c The entire video surveillance design is cost effective, easy to manage and maintain.

Customer value  

         a Stable video surveillance information transmission.
         b The overall data flow runs smoothly.
         c There will be no packet loss or jamming, which will enable it to have a smooth and clear monitoring picture.
         d has achieved unified management and brought great convenience to the follow-up work of customers.

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