Wireless Bridge Ping An City Wireless Monitoring Solution

Ping An City Wireless Monitoring Solution

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Ping An City is an important symbol of the current domestic information city, and video surveillance is undoubtedly one of the most important applications of safe cities. In response to the complication of the urban environment, building a wireless surveillance security system with the street as the center has become the basic network of the safe city.

Ⅰ .Application characteristics of wireless monitoring in the industry
The monitoring area of the city is wide, the distance is long, and the monitoring points are densely distributed.
The remote monitoring point is generally installed on the pole of the intersection.
When it cannot be erected to the pole, it can also be erected on the wall of the attached residential building.

The geographical location of the city is harsh and the buildings are relatively tall, which often causes obstruction between the monitoring point and the monitoring center, which is invisible.
Therefore, the relay point is generally selected to be at the highest point to ensure the stability of the wireless link. Such as TV towers, bank buildings, and operator buildings.
At the same time, the bandwidth requirement of the relay link is large. So a point-to-point device can be used to form a backbone link to ensure the stability of the wireless link and the smoothness of the image.
The urban wireless environment is complex and the interference is large. select 5.8G wireless bridge networking much better.
Transmission quality and real-time requirements are high.
The image quality can be guaranteed to the greatest extent possible under the premise of ensuring low delay of video transmission, and different monitoring devices and video resolutions should be adopted for different applications.
Select the video stream transmission method according to different viewing image modes (single client, multi-client) of the monitoring center. When multiple clients need to view images, they should use multicast to save wireless link bandwidth and prevent congestion.
At this time, the switches of the monitoring centers at all levels must have multicast forwarding control to prevent broadcast storms.
The safe city monitoring system can be used jointly by the public security, transportation, government and other departments, so the public security network, transportation network, government network and other multi-network can be combined.
That is to save costs and increase efficiency.
For the newly added monitoring area, no wiring is required and the original greening environment is destroyed.
Road area monitoring does not need to be re-excavated, which makes it difficult for passers-by and driving, which affects residents' normal travel

Ⅱ . the system program
In the entire network system, use wireless bridges to build wireless networks provides strong support for long-distance transmission and intelligent management of video data.
Therefore, wireless bridges have become the best network solution for video surveillance in Safe City with its high flexibility, convenience, mobility, low cost and protection of user investment.

The entire wireless digital monitoring system consists of three parts: front-end monitoring, video transfer point and command center video monitoring system.
Front-end monitoring: Mainly responsible for monitoring the various key locations of the city.
Each monitoring is equipped with a camera at the front end, and the front-end wireless video transmission part can be independently transmitted by a wireless bridge S380Q or S400; or collect multiple cameras signals through the switch by the principle of nearby convergence to one point, then transmitted through a wireless bridge.

Relay point: Considering the invisibility of each monitoring point and monitoring center at the front end, according to the actual situation of the site, the entire wireless monitoring system selects some wireless relay points, and aggregates the front end points to each relay point.
The relay point can use the S380Q or S400 to receive the video returned by the front end, and then connect to the S815 through the switch, and the relay returns signals  to the monitoring center.

Monitoring Center: The monitoring center S815 transmits the signal to the monitoring and control center in a one-to-one manner and then displays it through the video wall.

Ⅲ .  Wireless monitoring system application advantages
·  Low cost: The system uses wireless instead of fiber and leased lines to quickly complete network connections where it is difficult to route.
·  Free control: real-time adjustment of the action and accuracy of each monitoring device, control easily.
·  Good troubleshooting: The system adopts a star network architecture, the failure of the remote end has no impact on the entire network.
·  Scalability: You can adjust the monitored points by simply increasing or decreasing the wireless bridge of the monitored points.
·   Flexible bandwidth allocation: Bandwidth sharing and dynamic allocation of video surveillance with data and voice access.
·  Expanding the future wireless city: Due to the distributed design of the wireless monitoring system, it is possible to add the corresponding network camera at any time according to the situation on the spot, and the center does not need any adjustment. This economical, practical, easy-to-use, and flexible solution is believed to provide a good service for the information construction of the Safe City project.
·  Wireless monitoring solutions for large communities helped urban security managers very effective. In the future, with the continuous expansion of the management areas of police stations, urban management and related units, the mobility of personnel will increase, and the existing independent community wireless monitoring system will not be able to meet the future security management needs. Under this demand, it will be a good choice to seamlessly interface with the city's wired and wireless security systems.

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