Wireless Bridge Highway wireless monitoring solution

Highway wireless monitoring solution

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In order to further improve the management efficiency of highway, the traffic safety supervision department installed cameras at various sections and intersections, obtained roadand traffic conditions through surveillance cameras to manage the expressways with accurate data. Make the relevant handling work of the traffic safety supervision department more convenient, fast and accurate, and ensure a prompt and timely response to emergencies.

Expressways usually exhibit good routes, large traffic volume, fast traffic flow, etc., which are good advantages under normal conditions, but encounter large traffic volume and bad weather, such as rain and fog, if don’t use advanced supervision measures, easily cause traffic congestion and even induce traffic accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to deploy a full-scale monitoring system on a highway with a large flow rate.

However, because the highway is far away and the terrain is more complicated, it is not a good choice for wireless video surveillance. To this end, Fengrunda designed a wireless video surveillance solution for expressways. The following is an introduction to the wireless monitoring system.

Ⅰ . the advantages of wireless monitoring system

· Simple installation, no wiring, local conditions.
· Short construction period, saving time and effort, easy maintenance.
· Wide application range, good stability and long transmission distance.
· High flexibility, easy to expand, not easy to malfunction.

Ⅱ .  Fengrunda wireless monitoring system advantages
· Simple configuration
· High stability
· Large capacity
· Long transmission distance
· Qualcomm Solutions
· Three-proof design, high reliability

Ⅲ .  The highway wireless monitoring system structure
Front-end - IP camera: used to photograph the road surface of the highway, often installed on traffic lights, gantry.
Mid-end - wireless transmission equipment: The wireless transmission equipment commonly used in highway wireless monitoring systems is S400 or S700 wireless bridge, used to monitor the transmission and reception of video images.
For multiple monitoring centers or places with many obstacles, you can use the relay mode to supplement.
Backend - Monitor Display + Hard Disk Recorder (NVR): Used to display and store surveillance video images.

Remarks: The back end can be divided into “temporary monitoring room” and “traffic headquarters monitoring center”. The “temporary monitoring room” and “traffic headquarters monitoring center” are connected via the Internet. The “traffic headquarters monitoring center” can also watch the surveillance image of the expressway.

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