Wireless Bridge Elevator wireless monitoring solution

Elevator wireless monitoring solution

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I. Brief introduction to the solution

With the development of the city, elevators are becoming more and more popular in residential buildings and commercial buildings, bringing great convenience to people's lives. As a closed and small public place, the safety is particularly important. It is necessary to install a camera to monitor the activities of people in the elevator day and night. The traditional wired cable has the limitation of transmission distance, and the construction is complicated and the construction period is long. This solution provides a wireless network layout for security surveillance in elevator, using wireless data transmission to simplify construction and save costs.

II. Solution (Network Topology)

As shown above, a dedicated wireless bridge network for elevator monitoring is installed in the elevator shaft to replace the traditional wired cable. The camera is directly connected to the slave wireless bridge, and the master wireless bridge is connected to the Ethernet switch at monitoring room.

III. Solution features

1, Easy to install; 2, Easy to maintain.

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