Switches Hotel HD video security transmission solution

Hotel HD video security transmission solution

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Ⅰ.  The background analysis
With the development of the market economy, the number of hotels has been increasing but the social security situation has been deteriorating. Criminal activities such as destruction, theft and robbery have occurred from time to time. Faced with such a social security situation, how to protect the security of customers' property is a big issue that should be considered by hotels. Traditional security methods have many security and management loopholes. Criminals can easily escape the duty and patrol personnel, enter the hotel to carry out sabotage, theft and even robbery activities, and then leave without  any clues after committing crimes. This increased the difficulty ofsecurity and crime solving . The use of modern digital video surveillance systems with some high-tech,can help us to do a good job in the security and management of the hotel.

Ⅱ . The demand analysis
· There is no blind zone in the video surveillance area. · The monitoring system can be stable and reliable without long-term operation and maintenance by professionals. · Provide a database to save video data to ensure traceability of events for 15-30 days. · Real-time monitoring of hotel security through a local area network or the Internet. · Business scalability and scalability.

Ⅲ .  Solution (network topology)

Ⅳ .  The program features
· 100Mbps access Gigabit uplink network guarantees video without delay  According to the project demand, 4MP cameras use 100Mbps access to Gigabit uplink access switches to ensure that video enters the backbone network without delay and eliminates the access bottleneck on the access side.
· Full Gigabit backbone network, redundant backup, high speed and stability. The device supports full Gigabit wire-speed forwardingand the core switch provides 10 Gigabit forwarding. The aggregation layer and the access layer support port aggregation, which doubles the transmission rate of the uplink port and solves the transmission bottleneck problem of the uplink port.

· Intelligent AI function to automatically recover the bad working condition of the device Fengrunda AI PoE switch supports AI PoE function. When the device is suspended or disconnected, the switch can automatically detect the problem and restart the device to resume normal operation.

· 250 meters long distance deployment Fengrunda E series products support 250 meters long-distance power supply, and support 250 meters of video surveillance at the farthest to easily control long-distance video distribution.

Ⅴ .  Equipment recommendation

PS2082G Gigabit uplink 8-port 100M switch

· 8 100M RJ45 ports (support 250meters PoE)
· 2 Gigabit RJ45 ports
· Support three working modes: standard mode, VLAN mode, 250M mode
· Support IEEE802.3af/at standard
· Power supply: 96W

AI106G 6 Gigabit AI Switch
· 4 Gigabit RJ45 ports (support PoE)
· 2 Gigabit uplink ports
· Support IEEE802.3af/at, single port output maximum power 30W
· Power supply: 60W
· Support 4 working modes: AI VLAN, AI Extend, AI PoE, AI QOS

PS2010G    Gigabit SFP uplink 8 Gigabit PoE Switch

·  2个千兆SFP口

· 2 Gigabit SFP ports

· 8 Gigabit RJ45 ports (support PoE)

· Support 4 working modes: AI VLAN, AI Extend, AI PoE, AI QOS

· Support VLAN, QoS, PoE management, aggregation, spanning tree, multicast

· Support HI POE, compatible with IEEE802.3af/at, single port output maximum power 46W

· Power supply: 150W

NS2024G 24-port Gigabit Core Switch

·  4个千兆SFP 端口

· 4 Gigabit SFP ports

· 24 Gigabit RJ45 ports

· Support RIP, OSPF, static router, DHCP server, DHCP relay,

· Support VLAN, QoS, ACL, STP, loop protection, IMGP, 802.1X

· Support IPv4/IPv6

· Support Web, CLI, SNMP (V1/V2/V3)

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