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Southern Medical University Affiliated hospital WIFI Coverage Project

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       1.Project Background:

       Southern Medical university Affiliated hospital is the AAA hospital, special in the cancer recover.

       2.Project Request

       ①、The wireless coverage can be used for three outpatient departments, including the outpatient department, the inpatient department, and the office building (including 5 in the outpatient department, 6 in the inpatient department, and 6 in the office building). It should support the 1500 user at the same time and make sure the WIFI signal is stable enough.

        ②、Make sure the WIFI internet is safety, stable, and fast.

        ③、The ONLY SSID and roaming is must。



       4.Solution Instruction

       The entire network is connected to the Internet by the WAN port of the router; the POE power supply switch is connected in series with the LAN port of the router, the downlink wireless AP (RD-W45AP) and the in-wall wireless.

       The AP (RD-W25AP) supplies power and data transmission. The wireless signal is fast and stable, ensuring that all users on the site can access the Internet smoothly.


       Wireless coverage at site: According to customer needs, wireless WiFi is covered in every room inside the building, and guaranteed to be stable and fast.


       5.HORED Model Selection:


       1. HORED PoE switch directly supply power to wireless AP and transmit data at the same time, which can greatly facilitate the installation, management and use of users.
       2. The overall wireless coverage solution has a large capacity and completely covers the local user groups. The service provided by HORED far exceeds the customer's initial demand for our company.
       3. The characteristics of the wireless signal are: high speed of the network speed, fast transmission speed (fast internet access); stable signal, no dropped calls, lost packets, and stuck.
       4. The entire network design program cost-effective, easy to manage and maintain. 
       7.Customer value:

       1. Satisfy the customer's needs: The wireless coverage project can simultaneously cover 3 outpatient departments, inpatient departments, office buildings, etc. provide stable wireless WiFi service TO 1500 use at the same time.
       2. HORED's cost-effective WiFi solution ensures that the user's wireless network is secure, stable and fast.
       3.To help customers achieve the unification of wireless SSID, greatly enhance the user's online experience and facilitate the scientific management of wireless WiFi.

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